Nördat information om USA och min framtida hemstat Minnesota, delar med mig lite:

What’s the weather?
Minnesota is known for its cold winters: with the average low temperature a chilly -14ºC it’s clear why sports like ice fishing and ice hockey are so popular. Even spring and fall are fairly cold, with temperatures between 2º C and 15º C. Summer is short, but can become quite warm. Exchange students going to Minnesota should bring clothing for all seasons.

Life as an exchange student in Minnesota
Minnesota’s beautiful landscape offers a variety of activities. In the winter it is popular to go ice skating or ice fishing on one of the many frozen lakes. There is a great deal of snow fall, and many people use snowmobiles for transportation, as well as for fun. In the summer host families enjoy boating, swimming, camping, hunting and other outdoor activities. Hockey and football are the most popular sports in Minnesota, and everyone supports the state’s professional football team, The Minnesota Vikings. Most high school students participate in extracurricular events such as sports or special interest clubs, such as drama, band and church youth group.

Many host families live in small towns that may be quite long distances from each other. While living in this type of community may take some getting used to, many students find the family oriented atmosphere of a small town the most rewarding. Midwesterners are known for their friendliness and hospitality and will welcome you into their community. For many, religion plays a large part in their lives, and students often find American churches to be fun and social places. If you’ve seen the movie “Fargo,” you know Minnesotans are known for their Midwestern accent, and you may leave calling soda “pop” just like they do!

EF students really enjoy their stay in Minnesota, a state in which many immigrants have found their American dream. As one current students says, “Minnesota is the perfect state for a high school year!"

Minneapolis/St Paul som ligger ca tre timmar från där jag ska bo (Jackson).

Mall of America
I Minneapolis/St Paul finns ett köpcentrum som heter Mall of America. Det finns över 520 butiker där. Helt sjukt mycket! Dit SKA jag, inget snack om saken. Lite galen fakta som står på deras hemsida:

7 Yankee Stadiums can fit inside the Mall
32 Boeing 747s could fit inside the Mall
520+ stores are located in Mall of America

5,000+ weddings have been performed at Mall of America

11,000 year-round employees at Mall of America (13,000 during peak periods)

12,550 on-site parking spaces at Mall of America in two ramps

30,000+ live plants and 400 live trees climbing as high as 35 feet tall in Nickelodeon Universe®

170,000+ Legos have been lost in the LEGO play area

40 million visitors annually which is more than the combined populations of North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa...and Canada

130+ million number of rides in the park since opening

$650+ million cost to build
86 hours is the length of time it would take to complete your visit to the Mall if you were to spend just 10 minutes in each store

Superlångt inlägg, blir impinerad om någon orkar läsa igenom det!

Looking forward to

Looking forward to




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